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“Taking out a mortgage will probably be the biggest financial commitment you ever make so make sure that you get advice from an independent mortgage broker that has access to the whole market.”


DWM Mortgages is a whole of market, independent mortgage broker. As independent mortgage brokers we offer expert advice from the whole market on areas such as:

  • - First time buyer mortgages
  • - Remortgages
  • - Buy to Let Mortgages
  • - Self Build Mortgages
  • - Residential Mortgages
  • - Commercial Mortgages

We also offer whole of market advice on protection products such as Life Insurance and Buildings Insurance.

DWM Mortgages has access to the whole of the market and we work on your behalf, independently, not tied to any lender. We do not act for the mortgage lender, WE ACT FOR YOU. We offer impartial advice for all mortgages including mortgages for first time buyers, buy to let landlords and clients wanting to remortgage their current home or property.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

We pride ourselves on offering the best service and advice at our clients' convenience. Providing the best service for our clients is our priority and we tailor our service for our clients' mortgage and personal needs.

We make the mortgage process easy for you by reviewing your specific situation, advising on what type of mortgage best suits you and finding the best mortgage rates and mortgage deals available.

Why Use an Independent Mortgage Broker like DWM Mortgages?

Unfortunately getting advice from your bank, building society or estate agent may not be the best course of action as they will usually only have access to a relatively small panel of lenders. This means they may not have access to the best mortgage for you so may not be giving you the best advice. There are thousands of mortgage products from over fifty mortgage lenders so it makes sense to use DWM Mortgages, an independent mortgage broker, who has access to all of them!

The specialist mortgage knowledge and advice we give will help you find the best way to buy your first home as a first time buyer, move home or remortgage as a homeowner, or build your property portfolio as a buy to let landlord. Whatever your mortgage needs, use an independent mortgage broker, speak to DWM Mortgages.

Give DWM Mortgages a call today and speak with a member of our team to find out more.

Why Choose DWM Mortgages?

We take great pride in the service we provide and do everything we can to make sure your mortgage is arranged as swiftly, efficiently and professionally as possible.

We offer a straightforward, down to earth, personal and friendly mortgage advice service but most importantly, a service you can trust.

We like to build our business by word of mouth recommendations and referrals. Please remember to share our details with your friends and family.

The guidance and/or advice contained within this website is subject to the UK regulatory regime, and is therefore targeted at consumers based in the UK.

Mortgage News Feed

Housing Market Rebound Good For Mortgage Advice

According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the UK housing market is beginning to recover after the post-referendum drop.

The August Residential Market Survey results indicate a gradual recovery in confidence following a significant drop immediately after the UK's decision to leave the EU.

Prices and sales volumes are now expected to rise in the near future, both at the three and twelve month time horizons, with a more stable trend in activity driving the improvement in sentiment, the survey shows.

For information on how this could affect mortgage availability for you, feel free to contact one of our mortgage brokers at DWM Mortgages

Buy to Let Advice from a Mortgage Broker

One of our areas of specialism is buy to let mortgage advice. Mortgage Lenders' criteria for lending on buy to let properties is much more varied than mortgage lenders' typical criteria on residential mortgages and can be a lot stricter in certain circumstances to so be sure to apply to the right lender first time by using DWM Mortgages.

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Mortgage Broker Weekend Update

We hope you are all on target for a great weekend!

This week we saw some commentators suggest interest rates could drop as low as 0.1%!

Despite all the rhetoric, the Monetary Policy Committee voted in favour of rates remaining at half a percent.

It is likely that interest rates on mortgage products will remain at their current levels.

Some low priced 10 year fixed rates became available this last week and we have been asked by our mortgage clients whether these represent good value.

Although on the surface of things they do look good value, caution should be taken as early repayment charges mean moving property or refinancing (remortgaging) could prove excessively costly. Unless you own over 40% of your home and are not panning on moving or remortgaging for a decade, it is something I would generally avoid.

If you have any mortgage related questions, feel free to contact the mortgage team at your convenience.

Brexit Mortgage News Update

Following the Leave vote, the Governor of the Bank of England has declared the bank will do everything it can to encourage growth.

It is thought this includes making it easier for banks to lend and one banking source has even suggested he could relax rules on mortgage lending to keep the housing market buoyant.

Although there is sure to be uncertainty in the market there is no need to delay remortgaging or purchasing a property.

If you are looking for mortgage advice feel free to contact DWM Mortgages at your convenience

Mortgage Adviser Market Update

House Price Growth slows as uncertainty weighs on the market. The largest contributing factor is the Brexit Referendum which is coming up on the 23rd June.

Some economists are predicting a house price fall if the UK vote to leave the European Union although no one knows for certain the actual consequences of such a vote.

If you believe it could affect house prices and your mortgage fixed term is due soon, it might be worth organising your remortgage quickly so that the valuation is done prior to any potential reduction in house values.

Bank Holiday Mortgage Broker Update

We hope all of you enjoyed your bank holiday this weekend gone.

With the Brexit vote on the horizon and the recent changes in stamp duty there has been a significant reduction in mortgage enquiries. Mortgage lenders are as competitive as ever with their rates so if you are looking to remortgage or buy a property, now is a great time to do so.

Equity Release Vs Mortgage Borrowing

This weekend the Financial Times (FT) covered the differences between equity release products and mortgage borrowing for older lenders.

Although the maximum age for customers at the end of a mortgage has been increased at Halifax and Nationwide, lenders are still required to lend on a basis that the repayments to a mortgage are affordable. The new age restrictions will undoubtedly benefit some borrowers but equity release will still be the only option for many as no proof of income or minimum income is required for most equity release products.

If you are not sure whether a normal mortgage or an equity release product is right for you. Speak with Daniel at DWM Mortgages who is a qualified mortgage and equity release adviser.

The article in the FT is quite good but misses out some features and details of both products so once again it is best to speak with our specialist for detailed and accurate information.

First Time Buyer Advice

Are you looking to buy your first home?

If you are a first time buyer then you might not know all the costs involved in buying a property and running it. Here are some things to consider:

Deposit - you will need at least 5% of the purchase price of the property, the more you can put down the better.

Stamp Duty - this has changed recently and is dependent on the purchase price. You can use our on-line calculator or speak to one of our brokers to get the actual amount.

Utilities - if you've been living in rented accommodation you'll know all about these costs, if you're moving out of your parents home it may be worth looking at their bills to give you an idea of what you'll need to pay.

Council Tax - Based on the rating of the property by the local authority.

Solicitors Fees - These can range from anywhere between £600 and £1,500 typically depending on the property and the solicitors firm.

Life Assurance - Should usually be taken out on exchange of contracts to ensure the mortgage can be paid in the event of death.

Buildings Insurance - Is a requirement of all mortgage contracts and varies in cost significantly from £15 per month up £60 and above!

Income protection - To pay for the monthly mortgage payments if you are unable to work for a period.

There is a lot to deal with as you can see so it's a good idea to get professional advice where you can.

Feel free to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!

Mortgage Advisor and Equity Release News

Equity release mortgage borrowing has increased from £341m in Q1 2015 to £415m in Q1 2016.

Many believe that as borrowers with interest only mortgages are coming to the end of their mortgage term they are turning to equity release products to repay their mortgage.

Equity release can be a viable option for some people but if borrowers start planning earlier with a mortgage advisor or financial advisor they could possibly avoid having debt in retirement.

Where it is unavoidable it is important to get thorough advice as equity release products vary significantly.

If you are interested in repaying your mortgage early, or if you need advice on lending in retirement, speak to one of our advisers. We have mortgage advisers, equity release advisers and financial advisers who are more than happy to help.

Specialist Buy to Let Mortgage Broker

This week two of our advisors attended the buy to let forum in Cardiff and they returned with some exciting news for us.

Due to the large number of changes the European Credit Directive has required of the buy to let market, advisors or brokers that advise on buy to let mortgages will need to be increasingly more specialised in what they do.

This is excellent news for DWM Mortgages as we feel strongly that we were suitably prepared for the recent changes and will be giving best advice with respect to the future potential changes.

Buy to lets have taken a bit of a bashing in the last 12 months but the strong returns they will continue to produce will mean they will be around well into the future.

We are looking at partnering with a property tax specialist so our clients will receive the best mortgage advice as well as excellent tax planning for buy to let property portfolios.

Mortgage Advisor Update

Latest figures suggest that February 2016 saw the highest lending in February since 2008.

As fewer buy to let landlords will be entering the property market with the recent government policy changes, it is a great opportunity for first time buyers to enter the market.

If you are looking for mortgage advice for your first mortgage, feel free to speak with a mortgage advisor at DWM Mortgages for a free initial consultation.

Natalie is our new First Time Buyer Mortgage Broker and would love to hear from you.

New Mortgage or Remortgage

If you're coming to the end of your early repayment charge or fixed rate period on your current mortgage then feel free to give DWM Mortgages a call.

We will check the whole market to get you on the next best mortgage for your remortgage.

We will also make sure your mortgage protection and insurance are up to date and relevant at no cost.

Give DWM Mortgages a call today on 0800 0149 370

Welcome Back to Work!

Most have just started their second week back at work since the new year. Some resolutions will have already been broken but for anyone who resolved to move house this year, add an extension or sort out their debts; we are here for you!

Feel free to give us a call and speak with Natalie, Tony, Steve or Dan. We will help you with any mortgage, remortgage or refinance needs.

Our Services

Obviously we are known for the great advice we give on mortgages but we do offer other services which we give fantastic advice on too!

Below is a list of what we think we are especially good at:

- Residential mortgages and remortgages

- Buy to Let mortgages and remortgages

- Buildings and contents insurance to protect your home

- Life Assurance to protect your mortgage

- Critical Illness Cover to protect you

- Income Protection

We also can advise on Investments, Pensions, ISA's and Inheritance tax planning.

Feel free to call us to speak about any of the services we offer.

Buy to Let Mortgages Done Quickly!

Additional stamp duty for buy to let purchases from April 2016 means many landlords and wannabe landlords need to act quickly!

Any purchases completed prior to April 2016 will have stamp duty applied at the current rate so if you are a current buy to let owner the time is right to release equity from your current properties to quickly add to your portfolio before the new duty is levied. The time to remortgage is now.

If you want to get your first buy to let property with minimal costs speak to one of our qualified mortgage advisors right away to get the right buy to let mortgage for you – Quickly!

Call us today and we will look at what buy to let mortgage opportunities you have to make the most of the limited time available for a good deal.

Commercial Mortgages and Bridging Loans

Finding the right commercial mortgage or loan can be much harder than finding a mainstream product from the high street. In this extremely niche area why wouldn't anyone use a specialist mortgage broker?

We can also help you source Bridging loans as well as commercial mortgages and commercial loans.

Either fill in an enquiry form or call us today!

The Cost of Home Ownership

A report by Legal & General predicts the cost of owning a home will rise by an average of 54 per cent in the next 15 years as a result of rising interest rates and maintenance costs.

Their report predicts the annual cost of ownership will hit £15,300 this year, growing to an average of £23,120 by 2030.

Within this research, mortgage repayments are predicted to rise from £8,000 in 2015 to £13,000 in 2030. This is compared to the average annual cost of renting, which is predicted to climb from £7,500 this year to around £12,000 by 2030.

Legal & General Mortgage Club director Jeremy Duncombe says: “Streamlined stamp duty, low inflation and rock bottom interest rates have produced an exceedingly favourable market for homeowners.

“However, our research suggests that this trend is unlikely to last. The cost of homeownership is set to climb in the coming years in response to imminent interest rate rises and a projected increase in repair and maintenance costs.

“This increased expenditure is likely to have an effect on household budgets and it is therefore important that people factor this into their finances so that they are able to cope when costs increase.”

This highlights the need for appropriate mortgage advice and establishing a realistic budget so clients can afford to cover their monthly mortgage payments as the cost of ownership increases.

To speak to a professional mortgage advisor about buying a new home or remortgaging please call 01803 616794

Another Advisor for DWM Mortgages

As DWM Mortgages continues to grow we are pleased to announce we will have another new adviser starting with us from Monday.

Earlier this year we were pleased to announce Tony Juskal was joining the mortgage team. A few months later Steve Foster joined to help assist with our mortgage enquiries.

Next week Natalie Green will join the team which we are very happy about and will mean we will be able to help more of our mortgage clients in more quickly.

For any mortgage advice or information, please feel free to call us at your convenience.

House Price Rises

According to the latest house price index from the land registry house prices have risen 4.2% year on year in August.

The rise is being attributed by some experts to a lack of available housing and despite a government target of 1 million new homes by the end of this parliament there will still be housing shortages in the future.

Mortgage News

UK net mortgage lending hits five year high in August according to the British Bankers Association (BBA).

The figures used by the BBA do not include building society figures but act as a good indicator for national mortgage lending.

Official figures will be released by the bank of England next week.

Stephen Foster New Advisor at DWM Mortgages

We are pleased to announce we have a new advisor working with us at DWM Mortgages.

Stephen Foster has joined the firm and will be giving buy to let as well as residential mortgage advice to our expanding client base.

We are happy to have Steve a part of the team and are confident all of his future clients will be happy with his work.

If you would like to speak with Steve or another advisor in the team about mortgages feel free to call on 01803 616 794

Specialist Lending

The top six mortgage lenders are losing market share to smaller mortgage lenders as they have been slower to relax their criteria following the Mortgage Market Review (MMR)

Interest-only lending, mortgages for self-employed and lending into retirement is handled better by smaller lender as opposed to larger lenders according to brokers.

As most people wouldn’t think to approach some of the smaller lenders for a mortgage, it is possible that many people feel they are trapped with their current lender or are being restricted from owning their own property, which may not be the case at all.

Some of the smaller lenders include: Principality, Skipton and Coventry Building Societies as well as Virgin Money and Paragon.

If you are not sure what your mortgage options are then feel free to contact us at DWM Mortgages at any time.

Equity Release Mortgages

Coming soon to DWM Mortgages. We will be providing advice on:

- Home Reversion Plans
- Lifetime Mortgages
- Equity Release Mortgages

These products can provide lump sums or income in retirement and can be used to pay off mortgages you might think can’t be paid before your redemption date.

For more information give DWM Mortgages a call.

Mortgage Approvals Increase

UK Mortgage approvals have risen to their highest level for 14 months.

There was a 10% rise in mortgage approvals from March to April and a 0.9% increase in house prices.

If you need a mortgage approved speak to an advisor at DWM Mortgages!

New Mortgage Broker at DWM Mortgages

We are pleased to announce that we have a new mortgage advisor working with us at DWM Mortgages.

Tony Juskal is now working with the team and will be advising clients on residential mortgages and remortgages, buy to let mortgages and remortgages and first time buyer mortgages.

If you have any mortgage queries feel free to contact Tony or anyone else in the team on 01803 616 794

Mortgage Approvals Rise

The number of mortgages being approved is now "trending upwards" despite a slow start to 2015, according to the UK's High Street banks.

Figures from the British Bankers Association (BBA) show that 38,751 house-purchase mortgages were offered in March, The most for 6 months.

One reason for the improving picture was the low mortgage rates on offer.

As the prospect of the Bank of England raising interest rates has receded, many lenders have continued to cut mortgage rates.

Last week the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) reported a similar picture of gradually improving mortgage lending.

Mortgage Advisor Update

It's been a busy start of the year for everyone at DWM Mortgages and with the good news this week regarding unemployment at a low we expect that the mortgage market will be very busy this year and that house prices will continue to rise.

If you are thinking of remortgaging your property, buying as a first time buyer, wanting to move home or invest in a buy to let, then feel free to call us at DWM Mortgages and speak to an advisor/broker today.

Bank of England Governor Warns of Interest Rate Cut

Mark Carney, the governor of the bank of England has warned that interest rates may be cut further in the future if deflation persists.

With inflation dropping month on month and reductions in oil and gas prices continuing to affect inflation. It is thought that the UK will suffer from negative inflation in the spring and if it persists Mark Carney would consider cutting interest rates.

What this means to borrowers:

Although it is unlikely rates will reduce further, the fact is that an increase in the bank of England base rate is further away than previously expected so interest rates available for mortgage products should remain competitive for longer, meaning if you chose a 2 year fixed rate product in the last 18 months you’ll probably be able to remortgage at a very low rate again. For current and future borrowers this is good news.

If you are looking for advice for a mortgage then speak to a mortgage broker today. At DWM Mortgages we always put our clients first.

Mortgage Broker News

Growth in first-time buyer asking prices is outstripping that of homemovers, according to Rightmove.

According to the online property site, first-time buyer properties were marketed at an average price of £163,251 in January 2014, up 10.5% from £147,738 a year earlier.

Comparatively, sellers of ‘second-stepper’ properties asked for an average £228,642 this month, 7.7% higher than January 2014’s average asking price of £212,295.

Across all property types, the UK average asking price this month reached £273,275, representing an 8.2% jump from £252,565 a year earlier. It is only the third month since January 2014 in which the annual increase has risen above 8%, after May and November last year showed 8.9% and 8.5% increases in asking prices respectively.

Rate Update

Skipton Building Society has launched its lowest ever two year fixed rate at 1.36% for 50% loan to value mortgages.

Kris Brewster from Skipton Building Society says:

“This latest reduction in our fixed rates comes as Skipton continues to add value to its mortgage range. In the past few months we have removed all upfront application fees and seen large reductions on our rates"

If you would like to benefit from lower interest rates on your mortgage feel free to call at any time.

Mortgage Adviser News

The remortgage sector continues its downward trend with mortgage lending down 16% year on year for remortgages.

CML director-general says "The easing back of activity is not completely unexpected as there is usually a seasonal lending dip in the winter months"

If you are looking for advice on remortgaging speak to a mortgage adviser at DWM Mortgages at your convenience.

Call 01803 616 794

2014 House Price Summary

Last year saw house price growth reach double figures. Below are some key figures and points summarising why 2014 was a good year for house price growth and how it could have been better.

Area – Average Price – Annual % Change
London - £406,730 – 17.8%
Outer Met - £301,612 – 12.7%
Outer S East - £235,538 – 10.6%
East Anglia - £194,212 – 9.8%
South West - £210,847 – 8.0%

- Help2Buy 2 started at the beginning of 2014 meaning homemovers, not just first time buyers could make use of the government scheme and lending was no longer restricted to new build homes
- At the end of 2014 Stamp Duty was changed to a fairer system that benefits 95% of home buyers
- The Mortgage Market Review came into force in the second quarter of 2014 which hampered borrowing for the following few months.

Happy New Year

Wishing all our current and future clients a happy new year.

If this year you are looking to remortgage your property, buy a new home or start investing in buy to let properties we would love to help arrange your mortgage.

Property News

House price growth over the last 3 years has seen some dramatic changes, although the media are reporting "softening growth" the average property in the UK is now worth £189,388 from £163,822.

That's a 16% increase over 3 years which means the average homeowner is £25,566 better off!

Mortgage Approval Rates Plummet

Banks approved 19.4% fewer mortgages in October than they did a year earlier as they continue to feel the effects of the Mortgage Market Review.

With such variation in different lenders’ policy borrowers are better off seeing a whole of market broker who has access to lenders on and off the high street.

Feel free to call DWM Mortgages to speak to a mortgage advisor if you are looking for a mortgage or have had trouble with your bank.

Winter Lull Oportunity for Buyers

Sellers dropped asking prices in November to attract scarce winter buyers according to Rightmove.

On an annual basis however, asking prices are still up 8.5%.

Sellers are competing to stand out during the quieter winter months although many experts expect prices to rise strongly starting from next spring so buying in these winter months could potentially be an opportunity for some first time buyers, home movers and landlords alike.

For independent mortgage advice remember to speak to a broker at DWM Mortgages.

BoE Signals Rates to Stay Low for Longer

Bank of England chief economist Andrew Haldane has said:

“Recent evidence, in the UK and globally, has shifted my probability distribution towards the lower tail. Put in rather plainer English, I am gloomier.

“That reflects the markdown in global growth, heightened geopolitical and financial risks and the weak pipeline of inflationary pressures from wages internally and commodity prices externally. Taken together, this implies interest rates could remain lower for longer, certainly than I had expected three months ago, without endangering the inflation target.”

Mortgage Price War Good for Borrowers

According to The Guardian

Mortgage rates of under 2% will become the norm in the months ahead as lenders engage in a price war that looks set to intensify in the run-up to Christmas, according to industry figures.

Last week the Bank of England said that while mortgage availability had fallen “significantly” over the summer, it was expected to increase over the next three months.

In April, as lenders attempted to get to grips with the new affordability rules (following the mortgage market review, or MMR), it was much more difficult to take out a loan.

Now these changes have bedded in, and despite the expectation of a Bank of England rate rise next year cheaper deals are expected to emerge in the coming weeks. Those who have struggled to get a loan earlier in the year, such as the self-employed, may also find a softening approach.

First Time Buyer Lending

First Time Buyer (FTB) mortgage lending is up 22% year on year despite a slight drop in new first time buyers in August according to data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders.

If you're a first time buyer looking for mortgage advice, we'd love to help you onto the property ladder.

More Powers for the BoE?

The Financial Policy Committee wants additional powers to cap loan-to-value and debt-to-income ratios.

Chancellor George Osborne announced in June that the Treasury wanted to grant the Financial Policy Committee (FPC) additional powers to guard against financial stability risks from the housing market.

The Bank of England has responded, saying it wants powers to place a limit on residential mortgage lending “by reference to loan-to-value ratios and debt to income ratios, including interest coverage ratios in respect of buy-to-let lending.”

In its statement to Osborne, the Bank says: “These instruments would apply to all regulated lenders, and would cover residential lending in both the owner-occupied and buy-to-let sectors.

“The FPC judged that, taken together, these instruments were necessary, and should be sufficient, to tackle risks to financial stability that could emerge from the housing market in the future, rather than indicating likely FPC policy decisions in the short term.”

New Bank of England regulations capping lending at a loan-to-income ratio of 4.5 times income or more to 15 per cent of all new loans came into effect on 1 October.

Quick Service

With the housing market so hot it is really important to prepare your mortgage before you put in offers by way of a decision in principle, sometimes referred to as an agreement in principle.

Once an offer is accepted, let your mortgage broker know immediately and provide the supporting evidence (bank statements, payslips, SA302's, etc.) as quickly as possible.

Just recently one of our clients, who was excellent at providing the supporting documents to us speedily, received a formal mortgage offer in less than 6 working days!

Mortgage Advisor News

Prime Minister David Cameron has promised first-time buyers under the age of 40 a 20 per cent discount on their first home if the Conservatives win the general election.

Cameron unveiled plans to build up to 100,000 “starter” homes on brownfield sites. Homes would be made cheaper by exempting them from certain taxes and green targets.

The homes would also be exempt from section 106 agreements that require builders to create a certain number of affordable homes or invest in local communities.

Buyers under the new scheme would still remain eligible for the Government’s Help to Buy scheme offering a 20 per cent interest-free loan for five years with a 5 per cent deposit.

Cameron said: “I don’t want to see young people locked out of home ownership. We’ve already started to tackle the problem with Help to Buy mortgages – and these new plans will help tens of thousands more people to buy their first home.”

Labour leader Ed Miliband has pledged to build 200,000 new homes a year by the end of the next parliament and made new homes a central feature of his pitch to voters next year.

Halifax Mortgage Update

From today Halifax Intermediaries is set to give valuation fees back to first-time buyers and home movers borrowing over £200,000 on selected mortgage loans.

The valuation fee refund will be paid directly to the customer on completion of the mortgage.

In a statement Halifax Intermediaries, said: "We appreciate how expensive it can be for your clients to move home - whether they are a first-time buyer or a home mover. That's why we're offering valuation fee refunds for all home buyers with a mortgage of £200,000 and above on selected products."

Also, Halifax offers a valuation fee promise whereby it will refund a customer's first valuation fee if their initial purchase falls through and the customer goes on to complete a mortgage for another property.

Halifax joined the rate war on purchase mortgages this month, alongside other lenders like Coventry and Nationwide, dropping rates on its two and five year deals on September 12.

Buy to Let News

With relatively low growth in capital markets its no wonder many are turning to buy to let investments especially as house prices continue to rise. Are you already a buy to let investor or would you like to consider a buy to let mortgage?

If you want some advice on investing in property or if you already have property you would like to refinance or remortgage feel free to speak to us today.

Drop in Interest Rates?

Many brokers are expecting a drop in 5 year fixed mortgage rates to sub-3 per cent due to the fall in sterling five-year swap rates over the last month.

Call DWM Mortgages to find out what this could mean for you.

Help to Buy Mortgages

The proportion of mortgages at 90% LTV or greater has hit a 6 year high thanks to the governments help to buy initiative which is helping first time buyers and homemovers alike.

Buy to Let Mortgage News

The Government will bring in new regulations for an element of the buy-to-let market in order to comply with the EU mortgage credit directive.

In a consultation on the directive, published today, the Treasury says so-called “accidental landlords” – borrowers who have not actively decided to acquire a property in order to rent it out and are not acting in a business capacity – must be regulated.

Examples of cases that would come under the proposed regulation would be where a property has been inherited, or previously lived in by a borrower unable to sell it and so instead decides to let the property.

It is expected that all Let-to-Buy mortgages will therefore be regulated.

Mortgage News

Due to the fact mortgage approvals have been down compared to last year, mostly due to the mortgage market review many lenders are on course not to hit their lending rates. This should encourage extra competition amongst lenders and coupled with a fall in two and five year swaps it is likely that lenders' interest rates will remain low until the end of the year.

Rate rises are on the horizon so seek independent financial advice to prepare for future rate rises now.

"Prepare for a rate rise"

The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) said that it would welcome Bank rate rises only in "baby steps".

"Rates will rise at some stage, of course, and borrowers should be planning for that now," said Paul Smee, director general of the CML.

"We welcome the message from the Bank of England that, when it raises rates, it plans to do so in a series of 'baby steps', matched to a careful assessment of the ability of households to deal with higher borrowing costs.

"Any borrower anticipating payment problems should talk to their lender as soon as possible."

Scottish Widows Bank Reduce Rates

Yesterday Scottish Widows Bank it was reducing rates on some of their products by up to 0.2%. This comes after other lenders, such as Platform, Woolwich, Santander & NatWest also announce rate reductions on selected products.

Gross mortgage borrowing of £11.2 billion was 24% higher than in June last year, according to the latest data from the

Having declined during the early months of 2014, approval volumes turned up in June, in the aftermath of the implementation of the Mortgage Market Review, which might have slowed down processing of applications in the earlier part of the year.

Mortgage News

The Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has said that the Bank will continue to take steps to ensure mortgage lending does not become 'reckless'.

Giving evidence to the Treasury Select Committee, Mr Carney said in some cases, high ratio mortgages could be appropriate.

He also said that measures introduced in June, such as a 15% cap on lending, would keep the market under control.

Mortgage Approvals Decline

Approvals have suffered a post-Mortgage Market Review slump with the number of borrowers accepted for a mortgage falling 4 per cent year-on-year in May.

Last month, the six major high-street banking groups advanced a total of 65,132 home loans, down from 67,521 a year earlier.

Mortgage Advice for Fixed Rate Mortgages

With uncertainty around when the bank of England base rate will rise when is it best to get a 2 year, 3 year or 5 year fixed rate product?

For personalised, independent advice speak to an adviser today!

Remortgage Advice

For remortgage advice call 0800 0149 370 and we will be happy to help remortgage your property to help get a better rate or raise capital.

If you are looking to raise capital to purchase a buy to let property, consolidate debts or home improvements via a remortgage we can help.

Buy-To-Let Landlords Benefiting From Low Rates

Buy-to-let landlords are benefiting from record low mortgage rates, with banks eager to snap up the less risky borrowers with rock-bottom deals as investors are lured by the draw of high rents from tenants.

Fixed interest deals are at a low. Mortgage Works, part of the Nationwide Building Society, now offers the lowest two-year fixed rate at just 2.49 per cent for borrowers with a 40 per cent deposit.

For specific buy to let mortgage advice call now.

February House Price Rises

According to figures from Nationwide Building Society, house prices rose by 0.6% in February.

This means that over the last year house prices have increased by 9.4%!

If your property has increased in value you may be eligible for a mortgage in a lower loan-to-value (LTV) bracket giving you lower interest rates and therefore reducing your current monthly mortgage payments.

Short Term Loans

With the property market gaining more and more momentum, some property investors and even homebuyers are becoming concerned that they might miss that once in a lifetime property while they wait for other property or investments to sell.

Some are turning to short term finance and bridging loans to secure the property for a few months. Although this can be risky in some situations, when the risk is managed properly bridging can be a suitable solution.

If you would like some bridging advice or information on short term finance feel free to speak to an advisor at DWM Mortgages.

2013 Property Update

According to Nationwide house prices in 2013 rose by 8.4%. This is big news if you are a property investor with mortgages or an owner occupier with a mortgage.

When your current mortgage product comes to the end of its initial period you may be able to remortgage with a product in a lower loan to value bracket and therefore save money on your mortgage(s).

To find out more speak to an expert adviser at DWM Mortgages.

Woolwich enters Help to Buy 2 Market

Barclays via the Woolwich will be releasing it's Help to Buy 2 mortgage product range on 21st January. Mortgage interest rates will start from 5.35%.

The rate isn't the best available in the marketplace but with no fees it may be the most suitable mortgage option for some borrowers.

As more lenders enter the 95% LTV arena there is a small chance mortgage rates will drop below 4.99% for the government backed scheme.

December doesn't just bring Christmas

December is upon us, TV ads ring with Christmas jingles and the MET office is talking of a white Christmas - sounds familiar?!

Millions of people every year buy expensive gifts on their credit and store cards without realising the effects this can have on their credit profile.

If you are planning on getting your first mortgage, remortgaging or purchasing a property this year be very careful with using credit as this will work against you when trying to secure the mortgage you want or need.

If you need any help planning for your future mortgage needs then call now and speak to an adviser, we'll be happy to help.

Borrowers Launch Legal Challenge

Hundreds of borrowers with the West Bromwich Building Society are launching a legal challenge over the society's hike to tracker mortgage rates. If you were one of 6,700 customers to suffer from the rate rise and are looking to move to more competitive rates one of our advisers will be more than happy to help.

Help to Buy 2 In Your Area

How will the new government Help to Buy 2 scheme effect house prices in your area?

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If you are interested in the Help to Buy scheme or are looking for other mortgage advice call DWM Mortgages on 0800 0149 370

Help to Buy 2

For information on Help to Buy 2 or even Help to Buy 1, give DWM Mortgages a call and we'll be happy to help.

Mortgage or Remortgage Advice

If you need mortgage advice or are looking for a mortgage broker that can help with advice for a remortgage then call DWM Mortgages on 0800 0149 370

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Independent Advice

If you are looking for mortgage advice be sure to get independent advice from an independent mortgage broker or independent mortgage adviser

Buy-to-Let Mortgage Advice

If you are looking to invest in residential property then speak to a mortgage advisor from DWM Mortgages for advice on Buy-to-Let mortgages

Independent Mortgage Adviser

If you are looking for professional, independent advice speak to a local mortgage adviser from DWM Mortgages.

Mortgage Advisers Tweeting

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High Loan-to-Value Mortgages

James Chidgey, senior manager at Nationwide has suggested that from spring next year there will be a "rate war" which will see lenders lending on higher loan-to-value ratios.

With different lenders competing in a "price war" it is more important than ever to speak to an independent mortgage advisor and broker to ensure the best advice. Speak to a broker at DWM Mortgages for independent advice.

Buy-to-Let Pension Alternative

Four out of five buy-to-let landlords plan to sell off their properties or live off rental income to fund their retirement according to figures from BDRC Continental.

If you are considering investing in property then speak to a mortgage broker at DWM Mortgages to find out how.

House Prices Increase

The latest house price statistics show that house prices outside London and the South East have increased by 0.8%. As house prices rise more people will be able to escape the negative equity trap. If you have been in negative equity and you no longer are, get advice from your local DWM Mortgage broker

Repossessions drop 3.5%

The number of repossessions in the third quarter of 2012 dropped 3.5% to just over 8000, according to the council of mortgage lenders. Daniel Maddock, a mortgage broker at DWM Mortgages commented, "No-one can see into the future but getting sound financial advice from a mortgage adviser or broker can help reduce the number of bad financial mistakes people make that ultimately lead to the tragedy of losing your home"

House Sales Rocket in October

Over 65,000 properties were sold in October, a rise of 24% compared to September. Transactions are still down compared with historic levels but it is further sign that mortgages are becoming more available and the economy is growing.

Support Local Business

It's a great buying locally produced meat fom a butchers or veg from a local grocer instead of a national supermarket chain or buying a book from a local bookshop instead of a global online retailer, so why not support local financial professionals instead of the greedy banks? DWM Mortgages is a local firm based in Devon with offices in Torbay serving all of Devon.

Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

It's obvious that on our own website we would advise you to use a mortgage broker to get mortgage advice, so instead of listing the various advantages of seeing a mortgage broker to arrange your mortgage why not find out for yourself by typing into Google "Why use a mortgage broker?"

Paragon announces new buy-to-let products

Specialist buy-to-let lender Paragon has launched a number of new buy-to-let products designed for landlords with small portfolios. To help build your buy-to-let portfolio speak to your very own personal mortgage broker at DWM Mortgages.

One-in-Five Potentially Worse Off

Twenty-seven percent of all mortgages are being sold in branch at either banks or building societies. As Banks and Building Societies do not have access to the whole market this could mean that one in five mortgagees could be missing out on professional advice and paying too much for their mortgage. The best way to know you are getting the best deal is to speak with a mortgage broker from DWM Mortgages

Mortgage Advisor News

Most interest-only mortgage borrowers are banking on rising property values to repay debt according to HML with three out of every ten homeowners having interest only debt and the most popular repayment vehicle is an endowment policy! If this situation sounds familiar and you want to do something about it then speak to a mortgage advisor from DWM Mortgages

House Price Rises

If you own a home this is good news, if you're a first time buyer probably not good news but house prices rose by 0.6% in October according to Nationwide. If you think your home has increased in value it may be worth speaking to a local mortgage broker to see if you can negotiate a better interest rate on your mortgage.

Housing and Mortgage News

Local government pension schemes could be used to fund 100,000 to 300,000 new homes under new proposals.

Mortgage News

The FSA has outlined proposals to ban non advised sales from April 2014. Daniel Maddock of DWM Mortgages has said, "It is refreshing that the FSA sees the value of giving advice to consumers as this will directly benefit consumers in the UK, although more focus on independent mortgage advice via regulated mortgage brokers is still needed."

Mortgage Announcement

Nationwide announces further rate cuts, speak to your mortgage broker at DWM Mortgages to find out more.

Mortgage News

Mortgage approvals hit a five-month high in September. Approvals for mortgages reached 31,175 up from 30,683 in August

Consumers use Internet for Mortgage Advice

L&G's mortgage mood survey found that 34% of potential mortgage customers would use the internet as their first port of call for mortgage advice. 53% however said that the best mortgage advice came from mortgage brokers. When looking for mortgage advice make sure you use an independent mortgage broker.

Mortgage Broker Top Tip

As property values have increased it is possible that your current loan-to-value ratio has reduced and you may be eligible for a better interest rate. This is more likely to happen if you have a capital and interest mortgage (repayment) but is still a possibility with an interest only mortgage. For more advice speak to an independent mortgage broker at DWM Mortgages.

Mortgage News

UK property growth was up an average of 1.5% from last year with property prices up 7.3% in London but just up 0.86% in Devon according to Zoopla.

Mortgage News

Gross mortgage lending increased by £0.3bn to £7.3bn in September. Speak with an independent mortgage broker for the best advice when taking on a mortgage.

Mortgage Broker News

Nationwide, the UK's largest Building Society has been linked to buying 316 RBS branches, however Nationwide has said it "did not comment on rumour or speculation".

Rents Rise to New Record

Rents rise 1.1% in England and Wales to a new record. Buy a property instead of renting to avoid further rent rises.

Age limit on buy-to-let applications

Barclays puts an upper age limit of 75 at the end of the mortgage term for buy-to-let mortgages. Previously there was no upper age limit for buy-to-let applicants.

Mortgage News

NatWest has cut its two-year fixed rates by up to 0.3%. For more details speak to DWM Mortgages

£4.2m fine for BoS

The bank of Scotland has been fined by the FSA £4.2m for mortgage administration failures for up to 250,000 of its customers

Mortgage advice

For mortgage advice speak to an independent mortgage broker at DWM Mortgages

Lending falls 10% in September

Gross mortgage lending was down 10% in September at £11.6bn compared with August's £13.7bn

First-time buyers "Savvy"


Mortgage Market Slow in September


Mansion Tax


Help for Heros


Mortgages are available


Energy Bills


Parental Help


Banks taking more risks


Mortgage Lending Rules


Could local council help fund deposits?


Local Council Helps First Time Buyers


First-time buyer deposits drop below 20%


Rate Reduction


Barclays take on £5.6bn of Mortgages


More First Time Buyers


Santander raises its SVR mortgages


private property sales will be easier


Mortgage Deals


House Prices


Nationwide stops interest-only mortgages


“Mortgages are available” to first time buyers


House sales set to Rise

Devon House sales are set to rise with mortgages funded through the new Funding for Lending Scheme, however house prices are expected to remain level according to Nationwide http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19874231

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